Leo's Bakery Store

About Us

It all began more than 60 years ago in the 1940's. The Balta brothers had a passion for pies. They built a 7,000 square foot, state-of-the-art building on Atlantic Avenue and began their dream, a pie factory.

Every pie was made from scratch and the pies were excellent. People found out fast about these delicious pies and sales began to skyrocket.

The Balta Pie Company brought their pies to just about every restaurant in town. As sales grew, two of Leo's brothers moved the Balta Pie Company to a much larger facility in Henrietta and began manufacturing and selling unbaked and frozen pies to larger customers like supermarket chains. This business was eventually sold to General Mills who still operate it today and sell pies around the country.

Leo stayed on Atlantic Avenue where he opened a retail store and continued to sell his delicious pies to local restaurants and stores. Leo made mouth-watering brownies, chocolate cakes and donuts and sold them to countless East High School students who still talk about their memories today.

At the same time, just five buildings down the street, another entrepreneur had the same idea of opening a bakery to test the flour being processed at the Daisy Flour Mill. The flour worked perfectly and produced tender flaky cookies, which were then sold at the retail store on Atlantic Ave. They appropriately named the bakery "Elite Baking Company." The two bakeries co-existed for more than 50 years, with Leo's selling pies, cakes and pastries, and Elite selling cookies, to customers from all over Rochester.

In 2004, the current owners of Leo's Bakery & Deli, Pat and Kathy Bernunzio, bought the Elite Baking Company and moved both businesses to the current location in East Rochester.

A full service deli was added in 2009, and the retail store was expanded to double the size in 2010. Additional grocery items were also added. Now there is even more to like at Leo's. YUMMY!

The rest is history.