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Italian Butter Cookies

Choose from a large variety. Flavored frosted tea cookies include almond, lemon, pistachio, orange, raspberry and chocolate fudge. We also carry traditional Italian favorites, such as fig cookies, meatball cookies, coconut macaroons, and almond paste cookies.


Chocolate or vanilla cookie with chocolate and white icing. We also offer sprinkled moon cookies, seasonal moons including Valentine's Day Hearts, St. Patrick's Day Clovers, Easter Egg moons and pastel colors, Patriotic Flag and sprinkle moons, Lilac and Daisy moons, Baseball moons, Football moons, Pumpkin Face moons, Turkey moons, Wreath moons, and Santa and Snowman moons.


Fun shapes for any time of the year. Teddy Bear and Dinosaur are available year round. Seasonal cutouts include Valentine's Day Hearts, St. Patrick's Day Clovers, Easter Bunnies and Chicks, Red, White and Blue Stars, Footballs and Helmets, Halloween, Turkeys, and Christmas cutouts. Anise flavor available seasonally.

Biscottis and Pizzelles


Linzers and Sweet Tarts


Flavored Cookies

Italian Butter Cookies